Introducing: YouTube Channel20230313133437

Introducing: YouTube Channel

Kazya HiguchiMarch 13, 20230 comments
Demonstrations, company information videos, etc. Please take a look. […]...
CES2023 Exhibition Report20230117124755

CES2023 Exhibition Report

Kazya HiguchiJanuary 17, 20230 comments
Thank you for visiting our booth at CES202320230111175652

Thank you for visiting our booth at CES2023

Kazya HiguchiJanuary 11, 20230 comments
Many customers visited our booth during CES2023. Thank you very much....
Exhibiting at CES20230107021337

Exhibiting at CES

Kazya HiguchiJanuary 7, 20230 comments
Please come by all means....
CES2023 exhibition booth20221221120033

CES2023 exhibition booth

Kazya HiguchiDecember 21, 20220 comments
We will show you around our booth, so please stop by!・Exhibition booth: Eureka Park J-Startup/Japan pavilion e […]...
【Press Release】We will exhibit at CES2023.20221205133752
We won the “RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award”!20221121161826

We won the “RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award”!

Kazya HiguchiNovember 21, 20220 comments
We won the RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award”!...
CES2022 Exhibition Report20220119115036

CES2022 Exhibition Report

Kazya HiguchiJanuary 19, 20220 comments
ArchiTek AT CES 202220211221094857

ArchiTek AT CES 2022

Kazya HiguchiDecember 21, 20210 comments
ArchiTek Co., Ltd. (Location: Nishi-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Shuichi Takada, hereinafter ArchiTek), […]...
Analytics Impact Network20211019120333