The New Blueprint For AI

Moving beyond today’s GPUs, the ArchiTek Intelligence™ Pixel Engine (aIPE) is pioneering a low-cost, high-performance future for AI solutions.

Build the future with
ArchiTek Intelligence

Instead of power-hungry and expensive GPUs, the ArchiTek Intelligence Pixel Engine (aIPE) delivers performance and value for every AI need

  • Higher Performance (2x-10x GPU)
  • Lower Power Consumption (1/20th GPU)
  • Savings in Programming Time (10x GPU)
  • Lower Silicon Cost (1/10th GPU)

ArchiTek News

We won the “RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award”!20221121161826

We won the “RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award”!

November 21, 2022
We won the RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award"!...
J-Startup “ArchiTek” raises approximately 1.18 billion JPY in Series C round of funding20220628160044

J-Startup “ArchiTek” raises approximately 1.18 billion JPY in Series C round of funding

June 28, 2022
【Press Release】J-Startup “ArchiTek” raises approximately 1.18 billion JPY in Series C round of funding...
CES2022 Exhibition Report20220119115036

CES2022 Exhibition Report

January 19, 2022
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Market Opportunities

Autonomous Mobility

AI is ushering in the era of autonomous mobility—from self-driving cars and trucks to forklifts and tractors. ArchiTek Intelligence provides the computing power required to run computer vision and machine learning algorithms for autonomous vehicles.


AI is opening up the next generation of security cameras and cybersecurity.  ArchiTek Intelligence can be used for security in cameras and IoT devices, to combat malware, and increase data privacy.

Machinery & Robotics

The introduction of robotics and smart industrial machinery is a foundational element of the AI-powered ‘4th Industrial Revolution.’  ArchiTek Intelligence performs complex pattern recognition with massive data sets to assist in increasing the skill and productivity of workers.

Data Center

As mounds of data increase exponentially around the globe, extra pressure is placed on data centers to use AI to keep up. ArchiTek Intelligence increases the productivity of data storage, processing and analysis with higher performance and lower power consumption.


ArchiTek’s best-in-class team of LSI technology experts and business managers has designed and shipped over 100 million LSI chips across mobile and consumer devices, desktops and servers combined.


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